We are Building Bloqs.

More than a workshop or a creative space, Building BloQs is a unique environment that inspires members to make their names and careers in disciplines such as metal, wood, textiles, CNC and laser cutting.

Building BloQs secured the services of React Communications, as support through an important phase of publicity and growth for the organisation. Taking ownership of BloQs’ social media, React helped the organisation to adapt the organisation to redefine both its tone-of-voice and its artistic direction.


Following awareness campaigns in the national press (including a visit by London’s Mayor), React generated results so strong that Building BloQs now has React on annual retainer. Aside from media coverage, increased follower numbers, more joined up marketing and offering added value to members, Building BloQs stated one pivotal KPI: an increase in headcount. 

With that, React created a social media
schedule that would respectfully surface not
only the artistic and design prowess within Building BloQs, but also the stories of people who comprise this unique maker community. Human stories plus beautiful design, BloQs
was soon reaching very different, but
equally valuable, audiences. 


By capitalising on social topics, trends and conversations, Building BloQs’ makers, products and stories – not to mention the community essence – was soon chiming far and wide. Appealing to audiences of hobbyists, foodies, manufacturers, and design lovers, React used an array of dynamic content, including video and live video, to drive joined up messages across

all the organisation’s channels. 

Key pieces of press coverage included:


London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s visit, comment in the Guardian, and a profile piece in the New Statesman. Email marketing campaigns were scheduled at pivotal moments to galvanise all content streams, capitalise on momentum, and to encourage warm leads to convert into fully signed-up members. 

Compared to the two months prior to React’s 8-week takeover of Building BloQs' pr & marketing:
Member numbers: +7%
Facebook followers: +8%
Facebook engagement: +11%
Instagram followers: +12%
Instagram daily Likes: +51%
Instagram video views: +48%

“we need react…I need React”

~ Andrew Catcheside,
Marketing Manager, Building BloQs

© 2018 by React Comms Ltd. 

© 2018 by React Comms Ltd.