React helped Movember with a talent campaign around Henri Leconte and friends. Following his Masterchef appearance Henri realised he needed some help with his baking skills. In support of Movember he brushed up on his skills and new love of cooking with the help of renowned pastry chef and Mr Cake Boy himself, Erinc Lanlard. Henri went about challenging his sporting friends to bake their fave "balls" in the spirit of Movember.

Henri was put through his paces with the help of his new found ‘foody’ friends. Starting

off with Eric Lanlard (aka Cake Boy – T328k followers) and then have to replicate that

same recipe with sporting friends around the UK in a bake-off style competition – as they all discussed and shared their own experiences of this terrible disease. 

Each sporting star was challenged to create their favourite balls (rugby, tennis, football and more). It was then used to engage with the general public, sharing versions of their balls on Twitter and Facebook. Henri's role was to identify what type of ball had been created in a fun and lighthearted challenge raising money and awareness for Movember. 

© 2018 by React Comms Ltd. 

© 2018 by React Comms Ltd.