The event was created to support and encourage innovation in the UK, and to celebrate the achievements of those inventing and commercialising ground-breaking new technologies. Nucleus Expo brings academics, entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors together so more innovation opportunities arise; so the ecosystems gets stronger and so people's networks can swell.

With their regional focus – and often concentrating on a limited number of industry verticals – Nucleus ensures that participation at all levels – from university spin-outs to multinationals – can all contribute their ideas. With players from all across the piste meeting, connecting and conversations, not only are new ideas born but the industry and region all benefit. Nucleus event programmes typically involve a dynamic mix of inspiring keynote presentations, participative workshops and stimulating demonstrations. 

An impressive exhibitor zone gives attendees access to

the latest game-changing innovations across a diverse range of topics.

In the past we've had the generation of tidal energy and cutting edge prosthetics in action on the arena floor.

Wandering around Nucleus Expo not only provides attendees with opportunity and delegates a platform, it's also glimpse into the future of science and technology from all across the world – made relevant for the regional ecosystem. 


Nucleus events are designed to leave a lasting legacy, and raise spirit levels so the UK can keep churning out tech success stories today – and tomorrow.

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